Distance learning course from professionals for prospective professionals.

Step by step to a
professional piercer with certificate.

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You want to become a professional piercer? Then you are exactly right here!

No matter if you are a newcomer, have already gained experience in a medical or cosmetic profession or if you want to expand your current range of services in your practice, your salon or your tattoo studio.

The piercing online course of the piercer correspondence school addresses itself to all those, who want to learn piercing, as well as the necessary knowledge in all important areas, from scratch.

Also already practicing piercers, can extend their knowledge with this piercing seminar and get new insights into techniques and processes of the piercing art.

In the following overview you will get a small overview, which extensive theoretical and practical piercing training awaits you in the single lessons of the piercing education!

Piercing training certificate after your participation at the online piercing seminar of the piercing school

Not only trained - but safe!

Live support by our experienced piercer team.

Live support by our experienced piercer team
Your access to the distance learning course is absolutely unlimited until you receive your certificate, which contains not only your name and qualification, but also a list of all course contents. Thus you learn flexibly and without time pressure at your own pace. Whenever you want and wherever you are!
Even after your piercing education, your digital manual, the Facebook exchange group, the support via Whatsapp and of course the internal lecturer chat is permanently available for all your questions.

unlimited correspondence course to the piercer

Ben Lucht #modsbyben

team leader and artist

In only 3 steps  to your personal piercer certificate


  1. fill in the registration form
  2. secure payment with PayPal
  3. instant access to the online campus


  1. the online piercing course consists of comprehensive individual lessons
  2. these are divided into learning fields
  3. each learning field is completed at the end with submission tasks


  1. your certificate is valid for life
  2. workflow approx. 84 hours
  3. every fifth person completes the piercing training in only ten days

during your piercing training you will be comprehensively trained

The course in the Piercing Online Course includes all lessons for a successful start:

  • Expert knowledge of materials and anatomy
  • Hygiene and procedures according to IfSG in the studio and at the customer
  • Basic equipment, Needle and instrument knowledge
  • animations and detailed instructions for more than 50 piercings
  • realistic exercise setups for practical execution
  • insider tips and easily understandable formulated procedures
  • as well as a step-by-step instruction, including business and marketing plan, to open your own studio!

  • You learn the stitching of over 50 piercings,
  • how microdermals / Dermal Anchor are used,
  • get professional tips on problems with piercings,
  • learn what is important in the hygiene process,
  • .
  • does practical exercises for piercing,
  • has an archive full of templates and a dealer list,
  • learn to found your own piercing studio
  • ...and much more

The experienced piercer team, besides their work in the studio, has been conducting piercing seminars and piercer trainings for the professional education of piercers and body modartists for many years.

During and of course after your piercer training we will continue to support you with tips and tricks and accompany you on the whole exciting way to a successful piercer and the opening of your studio.

Piercer Übungs und Starterset online bestellen bei der Piercer Fernschule Lippenbändchen Piercing stechen lernen in der Piercing Ausbildung auf Piercerfernschule.de

Start your training - become a piercer!

Why the participants are enthusiastic...

  • The whole teaching material is available 24/7
  • you can learn anywhere and at your own pace
  • internalize the knowledge unit by unit
  • Repeat the practical exercises until you are 100% sure to apply your knowledge and skills perfectly.

Furthermore, the correspondence course...

  • cheaper, because we do not have to rent premises
  • more reliable, because it is not dependent on a minimum number of participants
  • more flexible, because you can easily learn when you want without having to sacrifice your weekend.

To the course content...

Discover now the extensive training content of the distance learning course.

Whatever questions you have...

We are here for you and will answer every single one as soon as possible...

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