learning field specialized knowledge - learn piercing to become a piercer I Piercerfernschule.de

expertise 5LE

background knowledge and tricks of the pros

Which piercings are available? Game meat at the piercing? Is piercing bodily injury? How do I treat an inflamed piercing?
Learn the tricks of the professionals to learn piercing from the ground up and to the full extent.

Learning field hygiene training - learn to pierce and become a professional piercer with the correspondence course of the piercer distance learning school

hygiene training 6LE

hygiene procedure in the studio and at the customer

One of the most important criteria to become a successful piercer is the right hygiene in the studio and at the customer. Here you get your sample hygiene plan and learn what is important in the process according to IfSG.

Learning field tool science - learn to pierce and become a professional piercer with the correspondence course of the piercer distance learning school

tool science 7LE

equipment, needle and instrumentation

How does a piercing needle look like and which tools does a piercer need? Learn everything about the piercing studio equipment, the tools, the instruments and how to handle them.

Learning Field Piercing instruction and piercing brooch - learn to pierce and become a professional piercer with the correspondence course of the piercer distance learning school

lancing instructions 15LE

over 50 animations & instructions

Over 50 detailed instructions with animation including healing phases, recommended needle and jewelry sizes, special features and much more! So you learn from scratch and very easy the stitching of all common piercings.

Learning field practical complex - learn to pierce and become a professional piercer with the correspondence course of the piercer correspondence school

practice complex 38LE

structures and tasks for implementation

Not only a good theory training is important. In this learning field you learn with many exercises and explanations that practical stinging of piercings, the finger skills and what to pay attention to the different body parts.

How will your piercing studio look like? - learn how to pierce and become a professional piercer with the correspondence course of the piercing school I Piercerfernschule.de

studio foundation 13LE

business plan, marketing, studio foundation

Create a business plan in the Creator, develop your own concept, implement advertising and marketing correctly, register your business... All our experience of the last decade for your successful studio opening.

easy understandable course content, to learn piercing in theory and practice, intensive

become a piercer with the online piercing seminar

The detailed theoretical lessons of your distance learning course include everything you need to be able to face your future customers in a safe and professional way. You will finish the individual learning fields with final tasks to consolidate what you have learned. These will be evaluated by the team of instructors and, if necessary, supplemented by comprehensibly formulated comments.

In the practical part you learn with detailed explanations, DIY`s and How-to-Do`s what is important for piercing.

With our descriptive explained step-by-step instructions and the exclusively worked out exercise setups, you get in no time a secure feeling in the needle guidance, the use of the right tools and the piercing of the most different body parts.

The correspondence course to become a professional piercer includes essential knowledge regarding the theoretical and practical hygiene knowledge according to IfSG, legal background, handling of autoclave, ultrasonic cleaner & specific disinfectants, piercing and dermal anchor material science, medical piercing tools, placement of various piercings and microimplants (dermal anchor), proper procedure of an operation, skin anatomy, first aid and aftercare. Furthermore extensive exercises for the correct handling of brown oil and co., practical piercing stick exercises, tasks for consolidation, orders, templates and dealer lists (...) from umpteen years of piercing experience are on the curriculum.

To consolidate what you have learned you will receive a lot of practical training exercises, a step-by-step plan for opening your own studio and a comprehensive manual including all your notes in digital form. This includes the written summary of the piercing lessons as well as tips for business registration, studio equipment, the right marketing strategies and much more!

The scope of the lessons and the practical exercises of the distance learning course are so extensive that we cannot possibly teach them to you in only 2 days. 

Advantages - Learning for long-term memory:

The profession brings a high degree of responsibility and required expertise regarding skin anatomy, hygiene, legal guidelines, materials and much more In order to convey this knowledge completely and above all to internalize it, no weekend is enough. In this short time, the instructors are intent on imparting as much knowledge as possible, which at best only reaches your short-term memory. Here it is decided what you consider important or unimportant. The long-term memory is only entered after about 12 hours. But if you have a few hours of continuous knowledge, only a fraction of it will make it into your long-term memory. Thus valuable knowledge is lost and you have to deal with it again. A good example is the "first aid course" that each of us was allowed to take. If you remember back and are honest, what did you remember about it despite practical exercises? Not really much, is it?

And this is exactly the biggest advantage of a distance learning course...

- You have the extensive knowledge at your disposal 24 hours 7 days a week,
- can learn at your pace anywhere without additional costs such as train tickets or hotel fees,
- internalize the knowledge unit by unit and
- Repeat the practical exercises until you are 100% sure to apply your knowledge perfectly.

Furthermore, an online course ...

- cheaper than a seminar, because we do not have to rent premises
- more reliable, because it is not dependent on a minimum number of participants
- more private, because your problems and questions are only known to the chat partner, without the other participant
be able to listen
- more flexible, because you can easily learn when you want to without having to spend your weekend
must sacrifice for it.

Disadvantages and how we counteract them:

Of course there are always two sides to a coin. That's why we don't want to just point out the advantages while hiding the disadvantages. Because we are well aware of them, which is why we try to counteract them.

It is better to learn in a group

Most people prefer to learn in groups because it is more fun and you can discuss content together. We are aware of this. That's why we have not only created a Facebook exchange group, but also a discounted group course on offer, where you can learn together with 2 friends and save money.

On-the-shelf-phenomenon ("on the shelf" phenomenon)

For many online courses you will receive numerous PDFs with learning content and exercises via e-mail. You download them, skim them and then forget them in some folder somewhere on your computer. So that your documents and notes don't meet the same fate, we from the piercer distance school have created a kind of virtual seminar room, your online campus, which you can access anytime after booking your course. Here you collect what you have learned, write in your virtual notebook and submit your assignments.

A communicative one-way street

Communication at a seminar is more dynamic, i.e. you ask a question and get your answers directly without having to wait for an e-mail. So that also in our correspondence course a dynamic communication
we offer you an exchange either daily via WhatsApp or twice a week via live chat with one of our instructors. This leaves no question unanswered.

The inner couch potato

In order to successfully pass a correspondence course, a high degree of initiative and self-motivation is required. In the weekend course your course instructor will motivate you. So that you don't lose your enthusiasm, you can always check your learning progress on your online campus and thus continuously strengthen your motivation. 

No matter where you are in the world and want to become a piercer: in the office hours of the internal live chat and of course permanently via Whatsapp, you will receive direct support and the answers to your questions from our team of experienced piercers and instructors.

So no questions remain open and you can start your professional future as a professional piercer in a safe and secure way!

Before you start...

Do you still have open questions? We will be happy to answer them!

Write or call us - free of charge via Whatsapp

Would you like to write your wishes and ideas to the development team instead?

leave your feedback

Start now your correspondence course - learn to pierce and become a professional piercer with the correspondence course of the piercer correspondence school

Perfect start into the profession of a piercer - for the price of less than 10 piercings!

Invest in your future - with the correspondence course of the piercer distance learning school:

distance learning
certificate: professional piercer*

390 [2]  / one-time

distance learning+
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685 [2]  / one-time

group offer
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990 [2]  / one-time

Note: The course is currently being translated into English and is not yet available in English. The course language is German. Are you unsure? Get to know us with the free trial course.

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Frequently asked participant questions about the piercing online seminar.

In the third learning field you will find a large list of all common and required consumables and instruments directly linked to dealer sites.

At the end of your course you will also receive a list of selected dealers who offer high quality, fast shipping and a good price/performance ratio.

If you find the individual order at the beginning too complicated, we have put together an extensive practice set (515 pieces) and / or a complete set (1155 pieces) for you. Thanks to the fast shipping with our partner youlindo, you can start with all exercises and / or well sorted.

Important: This offer is not intended for course participants! They can purchase the exercise set for only 345€ after registration at the online campus. During the registration to the correspondence course can be saved with the option correspondence course+ (course fee 390€ + exercise set 295€) once again correctly!

Note: Materials which are used for nonhuman exercises of course don?t need the same standard as piercing jewelry, which is to be used as first application in humans. Exercise materials made of 316L, behave with the exercise use just like high-quality materials like G23. Under the aspect that piercings which are used for exercise purposes, are disposed after completion of the practical exercises, a high-quality material is absolutely uneconomical and would raise the price for the starter or exercise set into a disproportionate price segment.

316L surgical steel was re-approved for initial use in 2004, but this does not mean that it is designed for this purpose. It guarantees a much finer surface finish than comparable titanium G23. Cave! However, the amount of nickel must not be disregarded. This makes 316L unusable for the first use and should therefore not be used to avoid risks.

Due to their instability, acrylic balls offer a tooth-protecting alternative, especially for piercings in the oral cavity. According to experience, especially with freshly pierced oral piercings, the probability to suffer a dental damage is much higher, if a metal ball is accidentally bitten on.

Furthermore, a practice set that does not contain the various alternatives available on the market would not do justice to the learning effect. How else should a layman be able to learn how to work with the different materials, which advantages and disadvantages they offer and what to look out for in use?

After the successful completion of all learning fields, the execution of all practical exercises and the receipt of your certificate, you have all the know-how, which you need to open your own studio and to stitch piercings professionally.

The prerequisite for this is of course that you deal intensively with all topics and tasks and that you internalize them. We give you in all areas detailed instructions and the necessary knowledge to practice the profession of a piercer professionally but - only practice makes perfect!

Tip: To experience the studio everyday life and the customer contact live, we recommend you to do an internship in an already existing studio after your piercer correspondence course. That way you can directly apply what you have learned. The more experience you can gain, the better!

Nothing speaks against it also as underage in the correspondence course to participate. However, this requires the consent of your legal guardian.

You can download the form for the training as piercer for minors here. Please send it completely filled out and together with a valid photo identification of the signing parent or guardian via e-mail to support@piercerfernschule.de 

The distance learning course takes place without time limit and exclusively online. This way you can plan your time flexibly and you can train yourself also beside your job, on parental leave or during your studies and get the certificate of a professional piercer.

So that you can read up on individual lessons at any time after the correspondence course, a summary of the content will be created at the end of a learning field. This summary, as well as your personal notes, will be your digital manual in PDF format, which you can print and download, field by field.

You will have permanent access to this personalized edition of your manual, the instructor chat, our internal Facebook exchange group and the Whatsapp participant support via your online campus.

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