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Here you can find our suppliers, partners, socials and participating graduates of the piercing education. If you not only want to get to know our partners, but also want to participate in the link-sharing yourself, we are happy to welcome you as a participant of the affiliate program :)

Piercers are trained in the piercing education in the correspondence course.

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our passion

The education of professional piercers!

Who wants to become a piercer or wants to extend his offer by a body modification training, will often fall on deaf ears, concerning the wish to be allowed to learn piercing in a professional studio "To train your own competition is bad for business!

The team of lecturers of the remote piercing school, is of a completely different opinion. There are too many ignorant, unprofessional and irresponsible piercers, who only have the high financial profit of the profession in mind.

We want to change this together and show that an intensive and detailed piercer education in theory and practice, works excellently from home and can be integrated flexibly into the daily work routine.


Would you like to become a partner of the piercer correspondence school? Just write us via the contact form..

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